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The intention of Bulb-Bag is to enable flexibility in design to suit your requirements - accommodating any design you require us to develop with you and reproduce on your new packaging.

The product is available is standard sizes in an unprinted format, which allows for over labelling, ideal for small production runs and promotional activity, as well as being made to measure to your specific requirements and specification.

The Bulb-Bag range of products are high quality quad seal manufactured bag with the front and rear sections made from laminated film (polyester/PE), to enhance the design and appearance.

The side sections are available in either high strength netting or a punched (perforated) style offering high visibility and flexibility to meet your requirements.

The key component to the Bulb-Bag
is how these combinations are constructed to enable the strength and quality required for your products in a breathable and tactile form of packaging, which retains it fresh appearance longer than traditional styles of packaging used for these products currently in the market.

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